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Invasive T7 ICU Ventilator (CE, FDA certificate)

Model T7 – The T7 ventilator is intended to provide continuous ventilation for patients with weight greater than 2kg (infants, children, adults) who require invasive or noninvasive respiratory support, with a tidal volume greater than 20ml. The T7 ventilator offers volume control (IPPV, VAC, VSIMV), pressure control (PCV, PAC, PSIMV), non- invasive (CPAP, CPAP + PSV, BiPPV, APRV), advanced ventilation (PRVC, PRVC + PSV, APRV + PSV), resuscitation mode (CPR, RSA, HFNC), etc.; and has functions such as ETCO2, ring chart, respiratory mechanics and trend chart. The T7 ventilator can display pressure waveform, flow waveform, tidal volume waveform, ETCO2 waveform and interface parameters (pressure, tidal volume, ETCO2, FIO2) in real time.

T7 High end ventilator is easy to install:

  • Easy to install / dismantle main unit and trolley support system.
  • Easy to configure all accessories on trolley.
  • Flexible to adjust or extend trolley modules according to real situations.
  • Trolley support system sustain back-up O2 cylinder.
  • Humidifier system.
  • Optional accessory ETCO2.
  • Respiratory hose and patient flow sensor.


  • Elegant and portable design
  • 7’’ color touch screen with screen lock
  • Real-time display of 4 waveforms and 3 loops
  • Tidal Volume range: 20-2500ml, I:E ratio 1:59 to 99:1
  • 16 ventilation modes: V-AC, V-SIMV, PRVC, PRVC+, P-AC, P-SIMV, PCV, CPAP, CPAP+, BiPPV,
  • CPR mode according to AHA guideline
  • 2 trigger way: pressure and flow
  • O2 concentration adjustment from 40% to 100%
  • Internal PEEP valve
  • Audible and visual alarm for multi-parameters
  • Optional Mainstream EtCO2 with Respironics technology
  • Rechargeable Li=ion battery with 5 hours working time
  • IPX4 waterproof


 Item Code Description
2.603.00046 T7 Ventilator main unit
1.124.00034 Power cord (EU standard)
2.606.00007 Power adapter
1.205.00080 Disposable filter, round
2.603.00031 Reuseable respiratory hose
2.603.00036 Flow meter, adult
5.001.00033 Mask Hook
5.001.00035 Reusable Mask for Adult, Small size #4
5.001.00037 Silicone Headgear for Adult
5.000.00839 Respiratory hose
5.000.00841 HFNC Nasal Cannula
2.601.00046 2M oxygen hose(DISS femal +quick connector male)
5.000.00168 Test lung
5.000.00275 Humidifier with Heating (European Standard)
5.001.00079 Mechanical supporting arm
5.000.00843 Mobile trolley
1.601.00131 User manaul