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Padus 8 Ventilator

Intelligently support breath  Gracefully save room

To adapt your busy clinical environment and ease your routine patients care, the high-end Padus 8 Ventilator features with slender frame, intelligent ventilation tools and state-of-the-art ventilation modes. The 17-inch, high-resolution monitor with touch screen was designed for smooth and fast operation. All the combination of intelligent ergonomic design will make the difference. All of the benefits can see at a glance.

Simple to learn  Ease to use

The intuitive touch screen makes Padus 8 a breeze to learn and use. Help menus, recommendations and prompts help staff to orientate quickly and follow guidelines which ease you from the complex interface operations. The Padus 8 not only display the fundamental waveforms, loops and patient parameters, but also display the intuitive real-time Lung View.

For the best ventilation decision making

An extensive range of ventilation modes like High Flow Oxygen Therapy gives you a better choice during the sequential treatment. Featured with intelligent ventilation tools, the Padus 8 helps you individualize your patient’s ventilation and improve the therapy regimen quickly and confidently.

Design for future and protect your investment

Protecting your investment and securing your device future, the new Padus 8 features new concept and technologies, a single system offering a broad range of treatment options.