Vigour Medica | Medical Equipment and Parts Worldwide

VIGOUR MEDICA is a leading provider of medical supplies with a rich legacy of trusted brands, quality, innovation, and customer service. Headquartered in Virginia, USA with operation facilities in Dubai and India., our flexible solutions and investment in the supply chain allow us to distribute health products to any location worldwide.

With years of service excellence, Vigour Medica has a vital connection between customers seeking excellence and suppliers driving global innovation. We seek to serve your full healthcare needs from high-tech equipment to basic supplies and consumables, allowing you more time to focus on your core business – serving patients.

Vigour Medica is a subsidiary company of FGi Solutions. As part FGi’s expansion into the healthcare industry – strive to establish ourselves as the vanguards in health equipment supply. We deliver quality medical equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers, including several we represent, exclusively. We value these partnerships, built up over years of trust and integrity, to ensure our clients receive only the best.

 “Our mission is to enhance global medical services with efficient and cost-effective health supply chains.”

Doug Brooks
Vice President of Strategic Partnerships