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Boaray 5000D ventilator

Powerful and optimal ventilation modes

The DualPAP ventilation mode is able to provide the patient with biphasic horizontal pressure (high pressure phase and low pressure phase). With the suitable pressure, this perfect modes not only exercises the patient’s breathing muscles, but also reduces the reliance on the ventilator.

Freeflow is an advanced closed-loop control technology with square wave pattern and decelerating flow pattern. Under the square wave pattern, the patient is able to breathe spontaneously in the inspiratory phase, while under the decelerating flow pattern, the system is able to adjust the flow rate according to the patient’s compliance and resistance changes. It means this advanced mode greatly reducing the use of sedatives and muscle relaxants, and has obvious effects on patients with atelectasis, ARDS, acute pulmonary edema, and asthma.

Comprehensive and visible monitoring function

With 15 inch color touch screen, the Boaray 5000D is able to show 4 waveforms and 2 loops simultaneously. And it can monitor more than 20 important parameters to help you know the patient status in    anytime.

Free breathing technology for breathing freely

The free breathing technology can release excessive pressure caused by a cough or active exhalation, to ensure patient safety and make breathing more comfortable.


·         Vt range: 20-2000ml; Applicable to adult, pediatric and infant

·         Ventilation modes: VCV, PCV, SIMV(P)+PS, SIMV(V)+PS, SPONT/CPAP, Sigh, PRVC, DualPAP, NPPV, Manual, Standby

·         Weaning parameter ( RSB, P0.1, NIF)

·         15 inch TFT touch screen & big front view for easy observation

·         Simultaneous display of 4 waveforms and 2 loops

·         CO2 and SpO2 monitoring (optional)

·         Synchronized nebulizer and air compressor (optional)

·         Expiratory valve could be taken off for autoclavable disinfection to avoid cross-infection

·         Active exhalation valve with anti-condensation design

·         World leading brands of key components of ventilator ensure high accuracy and stable performance

·         Advanced proportional solenoid technology realize accurate ventilation control

·         Multi-safety mechanism and three-priority alarm of visual and audio for different risks